// Human Identity Verification for

Trusted Digital Identity

Building bridges between individual human identity and secure decentralized digital identity solutions.

International ID Verification
AI OCR & Facial Recognition
Decentralized Digital Identity

Identity Onboarding in
Under 30secs

Secure & Efficient Onboarding

Onboard anyone, anywhere in the world, in seconds with just their ID documents and their face.

Document Authenticity

A fully automated process to verify users are registering with up-to-date, authentic ID Documents


A Complete Solution

Full API and SDK Integrations

A modular based collection of developer tools and APIs that can easily be integrated into existing or in development systems for the ease of access to the technology of tomorrow. 


Advanced Authentication
in Real-Time

Quick & Easy

An accessible design allowing users to easily verify themselves by simply scanning their ID and live image capture. AI-driven UX creates a frictionless and intuitive experience from start to finish.

Automated & Secure

Keep fraud away. Integrated AI systems perform near instant checks to confirm that there is a real human being behind the screen, not a fake one.

ISO27001:2013 certified
NIST/NVLAP Level 1&2 Anti-Spoofing certified


Built in Features
for Optimal Trust

Emilia Clarke
Built in OCR
Extract Data Instantly
Privacy compliant native data extraction process using the latest in Optimal Character Recognition to help users autofill their personal information such as name, date of birth and address.
Emilia Clarke
Global Coverage
For International Application
Access customized document checks for almost all International ID documents. Our scalable solution and extensive document knowledge enable us to cover all corners of the world.
Emilia Clarke
Real-Time Feedback
Near Instant Processsing
Simple and intuitive design supports and guides the user each step of the way toward a quick and easy successful verification with real-time messages and notifications.
Emilia Clarke
ID Security Analysis
For increased accuracy
Advanced AI algorithms check the static security features of Identification Documents are present such as NFC chip, holograms, and coat of arms for improved security.
Image Consistency
For improved confirmation
Image comparison analysis compares individual video frames from the live camera feed to ensure a user is holding the same document throughout the process.
Document Liveness
For real-world confirmation
Image analysis of document movement and the way in which the user is holding their ID to ensure physical presence during the live verification process.
Countries Worldwide

Verify users on a global scale with access to secure document verification from over 200 countries

ID Documents

Provide versatile onboarding with the acceptance of hundreds of internationally recognised identity documents


Automated DID &
Verifiable Credentials

Native DID Creation

Complete Self-Sovereign Identity creation for natively controlled decentralized digital identity.

Signed Verifiable Credentials

Automated issuing of signed Verifiable Credentials to provide instant trusted Identity verification.

    Sign up for BETA testing!

    A core group of 100 individuals will be selected to participate in a closed BETA test for the latest version of the new Human Identity Verification System.

    The purpose of the BETA testing is to establish the quality and accuracy of the technology across a range of different international identity documents, along with the simplicity of the onboarding system for users to create and verify their human identity.

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    In signing up for the closed BETA testing of the INDIVIDNI system, you are acknowledging you are in acceptance of a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement that prevents you from sharing, distributing, or publishing any information, images, references relating to the testing procedure, application, or technology you use during the course of the BETA test, until otherwise confirmed in writing by the Tangle Labs team.

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